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Wet high efficiency electric dust collector

Innovation Design
Brief Introduction:

Wet electric dust collector is EP:Electrostatic precipitation a used to deal with the trace of dust and micro particles of dust removal equipment, mainly used to remove wet gas dust, acid fog droplets, aerosol, odor, such as PM2.5 harmful substances, is ideal equipment for the governance of atmospheric dust pollution. Our company through technology introduction and independent R & D to improve, develop for under a variety of conditions a new wet, electric precipitator (EP.

By high voltage pulsed corona discharge the dust charging, charged dust under the action of electric field force reached set dust plate / tube. Dry electric dust collector mainly deal with aqueous low dry gas, wet electric dust collector mainly deal with high water content and saturation of the wet gas. By regular flushing, the dust with the scouring liquor flow and clearance.


1.Equipment selection is small, reliable operation of equipment

2.The high efficiency of dust removal

3.The long service life of the equipment

4.The little power consumption

5.The small pressure loss

6.It has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost

7、The acid and alkali resistance, good antiseptic effect

Advantage for the wet high efficiency electric dust collectors

1.Through the introduction of technology and the improvement

2.We get Samsung in China only designated products

3.We use the new FRP anticorrosion material shell

4.It has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, long service life, suitable for use in various industries

5.We have a number of independent intellectual property rights

6.The national high-tech product certification

Main technical index

1, dust removal rate: 70%

2, the removal rate of SO3: 70%

3, the removal rate of PM2.5: 70%

4, droplet content: less than 100mg/Nm fand

5, system resistance: 200-300Pa

6. In Japan, esp as a secondary dust collecting equipment and the entrance dust concentration lower than 18mg/Nm University, the party can ensure wet electric dust collector dust outlet below 5mg/Nm no

7, in the practice of China show that do not meet the 5/10mg/Nm no wet electric project, after the reason, is because of the high concentration of dust in the entrance.

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