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FHN Filtration

Innovation Design
FHN Chemical Filtration Machine Design Feature and Capabilities .

1.Retains fluid for repriming when shut off without a check valve, Seal Drive ,High flow rate ,
1. The integrative injected with out welding of the filter body are adopted the integrative mould and increase the intensity of the barrel body with the project in rib.
2. According to the chemical density and temperature capability to inject the pump body. The material of the filter body is made of the PP
3. The least weldding of filter in filter fIeld, It greatly decreases the leakage.
4. Excellent application to circulate filtering operations for plating liquid, chemical liquid and pure water.
5. According to customer's requirement, various filter elements forthe choice and easy to operate: Lock core filter, Pressure core filter,Pressure Layered core filter, Bag filter, Paper filter and bellow filter.
6. Purchase accessories: union or flange (including packing and PVC screws), switch (including guard), foot valve, check valve, flow-seeing tube, in/outlet flexible, or filter bag, etc.

Designation Code of FHN Series Filter Housing
The designation code of the FHN filtration equipments consists of 6 positions which refer to the materials and the characteristics of every component. For example as below:
FHN filtration housing model note
The FHN Filtration Machine system Pressure Drop
pressure Drop:FHN filtration machine system