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FRP High-Efficiency Dust Scrubbers

Innovation Design
Brief Introduction:

Efficient dust collector is containing dust and gas by the lower open type flange into the filter chamber, the coarser particles directly into the ash bin, the filter bag filter, dust resistance to stay on the surface of the bag dust gas bearing and gas net bag to the net gas chamber, is discharged into the atmosphere through a fan. When the dust on the surface of increasing, program-controlled instrument began to work, one by one to open the valve, so that the compressed air through the nozzle of bag of spray blowing, so that the bag with a sudden expansion, in under the action of the reverse flow, give the bag dust quickly out of the bag into the ash bin, dust discharge by the ash valve discharge.

Performance of dust collector can handle the amount of gas, gas is expressed by means of dust collector resistance loss and the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, the price of precipitator, operation and maintenance costs, the use of length and operation management of the difficulty is also considered the performance of an important factor. Dust collector is used in boilers and industrial production facilities.

Pulse bag filter

High temperature flue gas desulfurization and dust removal

Cyclone dust

Advantage for the High-Efficiency Dust Scrubber

1.Through the ISO9001:2000 certification

2。We have a number of independent intellectual property rights

3.The introduction of cutting-edge technology in Korea and modified

4.The various types of dust collector efficiency reached more than 99%

5.We have a number of professional R & D team ten

6.We have rich experience and rich experience in design and manufacture for the production line maintenance personnel

7.The products are exported to the country and Southeast Asian countries and users alike

8.The model is complete, can meet the needs of various industries

Pulse bag filter type dust removing device

1, air 50CMM-1000CMM, air volume according to the actual demand of site design and energy saving;

2, the value of static pressure host = pressure loss and the pipe pressure loss and pressure equipment demand; static pressure values between the 280-1200mmAq;

3.Host small pressure loss, average velocity in pipe. Before and after air pressure consistent force;

4, pulse inverse washing, automatic dust removal, full automatic feeding way, time-saving, labor-saving, user-friendly operation;

5, bag filter, different materials of the filter bag filter is selected according to the different dust, ensure dust collection is not adhesion on the surface of the bag;

6, PLC program control System, ensure the equipment start smooth operation and convenient maintenance.

7, casing production SS41*3.0T SUS304*3.0T and spraying antirust paint + optional paint group vertical structure, easy to maintenance and disassembly.

Application area

Can be applied to various kinds of dust collection, such as ceramics, casting, copper, aluminum, asphalt mixing, cement, leather, grinding, feed, boiler, incinerator, wood, food, resin, chemical industry, agriculture, textile, PCB circuit; can also effective treatment of iron and steel, non ferrous metal, mining, furnace with dust cupola, melting furnaces, incinerators, etc.), all kinds of drying, stirring, mixing exhaust dust processing; also used in material handling, dust recycling and other places.

High temperature flue gas desulfurization and dust removal device

The smoke dust treatment entrance temperature up to +350 DEG C, and fine dust to dust dust: most shape, diameter less than 5 micro cents

(1) wet desulfurization

(2) sodium alkali desulfurization

(3) ammonia alkali desulfurization

(4) double alkali desulfurization


1, workshop using semi open type dust collection;

2, front a whirlwind machine + multi cooling system the temperature dropped to + 150 DEG C;

3, fine dust after pulse bag filter type dust removing system have been completely erased; clean air from windmill outlet to the outside;

4, unloading system of all the valve rotary valve feeder + spiral conveying, both to ensure the tightness and can timely remove dust, without stopping the machine;

5, bag with resistance to high temperature material (PPS) transient temperature resistant to 250 DEG C, high temperature endurance + 180 DEG C;

6, host material mining of steel at high temperature resistant, bag filter chamber and mounted temperature alarm system and automatic cold compensation Pneumatic valve.

Molten aluminum, oil refining, molten copper, zinc melting furnace and other high-temperature work to collect dust.

(1) wet desulfurization technology

Generator, boiler, furnace exhaust of sulfur-containing high-temperature flue gas directly into the wet desulphurization and dust removal equipment, the flue gas enters absorption tower, and absorption tower upper jet grout contact, through the grille in further gas-liquid contact reaction, thereby the SO2 removal in flue gas, NOx and other fine dust; slurry into the absorption tower at the bottom of the reaction tank, through the circulating pump returns back to the absorption tower upper jet, the SO2 in flue gas is washed. Flue gas after leaving the absorption tower into vertical arrangement of the demister, the wet flue gas state in the maximum droplet removal.

Selection of main materials of the desulfurization tower:

According to the flue gas temperature, corrosion resistance, selection of 316 stainless steel, carbon steel shell lining anti-corrosion resin, modified PP, PVC, glass steel, and granite.

Selection and use of desulfurization agent:

Lime water desulfurization

Water desulfurization with lime is a kind of cost lowest a desulfurization technology, in water with lime as desulfurizer process, only the consumption of low cost of Cao, waste is a mixture of CaSO4 and CaSO3 and dust, water in the system can permanently recycled.

Desulfurization process is more complex:

1, the flue gas SO2 and water H2O to generate sub sulfuric acid H2SO3.

2, the flue gas in the SO2 and spray water in the Ca (OH) 2 reaction to generate CaSO3 precipitation.

3, the flue gas in the CO2 and spray water in the Ca (OH) 2 reaction to generate CaCO3 precipitation.

4, CaCO3 was replaced by H2SO3 in the circulating water spray process CaSO3.

5, in the process of circulating water spray CaSO3 is the oxygen in the flue gas CaSO4 into O2 precipitation.

In order to reduce the consumption of Cao (lime), in circular spraying water, should maintain the pH value of water spray in 5-6, due to spray water H2SO3 concentration increasing pH below 5.5, mixing lime water, the pH value of water spray reached more than 8.

(2) sodium alkali desulfurization

Using NaOH or Na2CO3 as the desulfurization agent is the most simple and easy to use method, management is more convenient, there is no sediment, but the spray water can not be used for permanent circulation, must be periodically replaced. In the process of running a higher cost of NaOH or Na2CO3.

Desulfurization process:

1, the flue gas SO2 and water H2O to generate sub sulfuric acid H2SO3.

2, H2SO3 and NaOH generation Na2SO3.

3, O2 is oxidized to Na2SO4. in the water spray process Na2SO3

(3) ammonia soda process desulfurization

Ammonium hydrogen carbonate (NH4HCO3 as a desulfurization agent, with natrium alkali method is as easy to use management is convenient wait for a characteristic. Ammonium bicarbonate is added in the circulating water can get paid products sub ammonium sulfate or ammonium sulfate, because of the ammonium sulfate or ammonium sulfate solubility is much smaller than the solubility of ammonium hydrogen carbonate and in the running process of sulfite ammonium or ammonium sulfate will from the circulating water precipitation.

Desulfurization process:

1, the flue gas of SO2 and water in the formation of NH4HCO3 sulfite (NH4) 2SO3.

2, NH4SO3 is oxidized by 2SO4. (NH4) O2 in the water spray process.

(4) double alkali desulfurization

Sodium Alkali FGD process can be used with water lime or calcium carbide paste Ca (OH) 2 reduction of sodium alkali (dual alkali desulfurization), reduce the consumption of sodium alkali, reduce the running cost of the desulfurization process, get paid products gypsum deposit,

So as to achieve the water in the system can be recycled, no discharge of waste water. In the process of desulfurization, sodium alkali only play a role in the transition, in the whole process of the operation of the theory is not consumed.

Desulfurization process:

The use of soda and lime as desulfurizer, dual Alkali FGD. Sulfur dioxide generated by coal combustion process is water absorption to generate sulfite and with water Na + formation of sodium sulfite.

Sodium sulfite and calcium hydroxide reaction of sodium alkali and calcium sulfite (can be oxidized into calcium sulfate precipitation).

NaOH+SO2, Na2SO3, Na2SO3+O2, Na2SO4,

Na2SO3+Ca (OH) 2, NaOH+CaSO3: Na2SO4+Ca (OH) 2, down NaOH+CaSO4

After the reduction of sodium alkali solution in the spray to continue to use, sodium alkali in the circulation process only play the role of the media in the whole process of the desulfurization reaction is not consumed,

The formation of calcium sulfite and calcium sulfate precipitate in the reaction is regularly discharged.

Cyclone dust
Cyclone dust collector with dust flow is composed of an air inlet pipe into the dust collector in the tangential direction, in helical vortex is formed between the outer wall of the precipitator of the inner wall of the shell and the exhaust tube, down to do rotation movement, under the action of centrifugal force, dust particles reach shell inner wall and in under the joint action of the downward flow and gravity, along the wall into ash hopper, purified gas through the exhaust pipe excluded.
Cyclone type dust collecting device has the advantages of simple structure, no moving parts, the advantages of high dust removing efficiency, adaptability is strong, the operation and the maintenance is convenient wait for a is one of which was widely used in industrial dust removal equipment. Usually case, cyclone dust collector of the capture set 5-10 m above the dust, the dust removal efficiency can reach 90%
Applicable industry:
Food, feed, leather, chemical, rubber, plastic, grinding and casting boilers, incinerators, ceramics, asphalt, cement, surface treatment, electronic, semiconductor and other. Use in coarse particle dust or coarse powder separation and pre - treatment. Such as: sawing, sanding and grinding powder; cloth scraps, sawdust, copper wire side and so on.