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Low temperature plasma deodorant scrubbers

Innovation Design
Brief Introduction:

The basic principle is in under the action of the applied electric field, generated by the discharge medium large number portability can electron bombardment pollutant molecules, the ionization, dissociation and excitation, then lead to the a series of complex physical, chemical reaction, complex macromolecular pollutants of transformation for the simple small molecule material safety, or the change of toxic and hazardous substances into non-toxic or low toxic and harmful substances, so that the pollutants can be degraded by removing. Proper control of the reaction conditions can be achieved in general difficult to achieve or very slow chemical reactions become very fast. As environmental pollution treatment in the field of a has strong potential advantages of high technology, plasma is the Domestic and international academic circles pay close attention to.
Scope of application: PM2.5 dust, organic waste gas, smoke, sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds, benzene series, lipids, etc.
Applicable industries: chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, rubber, paint, leather, printing, tobacco, flavors and fragrances, sewage treatment and paint and other industries


(1) technology is simple: low temperature plasma equipment, the operation is simple, convenient, without special care, in case of failure automatic shutdown alarm;

(2) energy: low temperature plasma treatment of flue gas of low energy consumption, low operation cost, 2 ~ 5 Watt /m3;

(3) to adapt to a wide range: in the environment of ~+450 C -60 C, can be normal operation, especially in the environment containing dust, tar, water vapor, aerosol and PM can still operate normally;

(4) long service life: the equipment is made of stainless steel, quartz, molybdenum and other materials, strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance in acid gas;

(5)a combination of strong: low temperature plasma treatment equipment can be used in parallel hybrid applications;

(6) 50 ~ /H 5000m3 for a temperature plasma processing unit, a unit with a pulse power source drive, the treatment of gas is not limited;

(7) the reactor is easy to maintain.

Advantage for the low temperature plasma deodorant scrubber

1.Through the ISO9001:2000 certification
2.Has a number of independent intellectual property rights
3.South Korea advanced technology and improved
4.The efficiency of each model is more than 99%.
5.Have a professional R & D team number ten
6.Have rich experience in the production and installation of the design and installation of production line maintenance personnel
7.Products are exported to the country and Southeast Asian countries and access to users.
8.Model is complete, can meet the needs of customers in various industries

Energy transfer in the reaction process is generally as follows:

(1) electric field + electron
(2) high energy electron + molecule (or atom) - (excited atom, excited group, free radical)
(3) the active group + molecule (atom) + heat
(4)active group + active group
Model selection
1, low energy consumption, can be at room temperature and the catalyst reaction, no need to heat, greatly saving energy
2, easy to use, the design can be based on air flow changes and the field conditions
3, the by-products produced in the plasma reaction can be selectively degraded without the byproduct of the catalyst.
4, no radiation to the surrounding objects
5, especially suitable for the treatment of odor and low concentration of large air volume of gas
Technical index
Can handle air volume CMM
Double dielecrric barrier discharge
Note: composite discharge is mainly refers to the double medium barrier discharge and pulse corona discharge combined together, the composite device is mainly used in the VOC gas, inorganic industrial pollution of gas and dust, aerosols, and PM2.5 particulate pollutants.
Double dielectric barrier discharge low temperature plasma(DBD)
Technical index

1)Input voltage:AC380V(±10%)

2)Average power:2~8KW(=Pulse power:10 KW)

3)Host weight:10KG;Transformer weight:35Kg;

4)Connection between host and transformer:<50m

5)Host size:250(W)×200(H)×360(D)mm3

6)Transformer size:340(W)×340(D) ×350(H)mm3

7)Transformer size:340(W)×340(D) ×350(H)mm3

8)Working environment:
Relative humidity:20%~93%(No dew)
Atmospheric pressure:86Kpa~106Kpa

Pulsed corona discharge power supply (PCD) low temperature plasma
Technical index

1)input voltage:AC380V(±10%)

2)Average power:2~10KW

3)Host weight:10KG;Transformer weight:35Kg

4)Connection between host and transformer:<45m;

5)Host size:250(W)×200(H)×360(D)mm3

6)Transformer size:340(W)×340(D) ×350(H)mm3

7)Working environment:
Relative humidity:20%~93%(No dew)
Atmospheric pressure:86Kpa~106Kpa

DBD+PCD low temperature plasma
Model selection
Double dielectric barrier (DBD), pulse corona (PCD), combination of charged composite (PhD) low-temperature plasma, can be highly efficient air handling 10000m no / a with a variety of organic Vocs, inorganic industrial pollution of gas and dust, aerosol and PM2.5 and particulate pollutants.
DBD+PCD+PHD low temperature plasma
Model selection
Double dielectric barrier (DBD) + pulse corona (PCD) + charged composite (PhD) low-temperature plasma waste gas processing system can be highly efficient air handling 10000m no / a with a variety of organic Vocs, inorganic industrial pollution of gas and dust, aerosol and PM2.5 and particulate pollutants, processing efficiency is higher than that of DBD+PCD.